The Society is always concerned about the loss of trees in Radlett and every year follows up many queries from residents.

Damage to and loss of trees often occurs in the vicinity of housing developments. Grass verges are also churned up. If this happens it should be reported to Hertfordshire Highways Department: 0300 123 4047

However, it has been increasingly difficult to get replacement trees sanctioned and planted. We will endeavour to work with Aldenham Parish Council to improve this situation.

Very mature trees throughout Radlett quite rightly need maintenance to reduce height and to lop dead branches that can regularly occur during tree’s life.

Recently an application was made by the Management Committee of the blocks of flats at High Firs, Gills Hill. This was in fact for an Arboricultural Report about a number of trees, some with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s). The report was for Insurance purpose.

Currently, Hertsmere Borough Council’s Tree officer is Patrick Prendergast.

We strive to retain the tree character of Radlett for all to enjoy.

Rosamund Gray

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