1. Name

The name of the organisation is the Radlett Society and Green Belt Association (herein called the Society)

2. Objects

The aims and objects of the Society are:  (a) to improve, protect and preserve for the benefit of the public the countryside and the country around the village of Radlett, the village of Radlett and the green belt around Radlett,  (b) to stimulate public interest in the area of benefit,  (c) to promote high standards of planning and architecture in the area of benefit,  (d) to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public Interest in the area of benefit.  in furtherance of the said purposes but not otherwise the Society shall have the following powers:  (i) to act as a coordinating body and to cooperate with the local authority planning committees, sanitary, drainage and all other local and statutory authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and persons having aims similar to those of the Society,  (ii) to promote or assist in promoting activities of a charitable nature throughout the area of benefit,  (iii) to publish papers, reports and other literature,  (iv) to hold meetings, lectures and exhibitions,  (v) to educate public opinion and to give advice and information,  (vi) to raise funds and to invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation or otherwise – provided that the Society shall undertake no permanent trading activities in raising funds for its primary purpose,  (vii) to do all such other things as are necessary for the attainment of the said purposes.

3. Membership and Subscriptions

(a) All persons who are interested in actively furthering the purposes of the Society shall be eligible for membership.  (b) A member shall cease to be a member  (i) upon giving written notice of resignation,  (ii) if such member’s subscription shall be unpaid six months after the end of any financial year.  (c) All members shall be bound by these rules and any amendments thereto for the time being in force.  (d) The annual subscription for individuals or for husband and wife jointly and the life membership subscription shall be such sums as are from time to time recommended by the Committee and determined by the members present and voting at a general meeting.

4. Management

(a) The management and assets of the Society shall be vested in a Committee consisting of not more than 15 members of the Society elected at the annual general meeting.  (b) The officers of the Society shall consist of:  a Chairman  a Vice-Chairman  an Honorary Secretary  an Honorary Treasurer  an Honorary Membership Secretary  all of whom shall be members of the Committee and be appointed by the annual general meeting.  (c) The officers and members of the Committee shall relinquish office every year and shall be eligible for re-election at the annual general meeting. Nominations for officers and members of the Committee shall be made in writing signed by the proposer and seconder and bearing the consenting signature of the nominee and shall be received by the Secretary not less than 24 hours before the time fixed for the meeting.  (d) In the event that an officer is unable to continue in office for any reason whatsoever, the Committee shall have power to appoint one of Its number, either elected or co-opted, to fill the office until the next annual general meeting.  (e) The Committee shall have power to co-opt not more than five additional members of the Society to serve thereon as it may from time to time appoint and to appoint from amongst members of the Committee (whether elected or co-opted) sub-committees to whom it may delegate such powers as it deems necessary.  (f) The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Hon Secretary shall be ex officio members of all sub-committees.  (g) The financial year of the Society shall end on 30 June in each year.

5. The Committee and its sub-committees

(a) The Committee shall meet not less than four times in each period between one annual general meeting and the next at such intervals as it shall from time to time determine.  (b) The Committee shall meet at any time at the request of the Chairman or in his absence the Vice-Chairman and shall meet on notice by not less than one quarter of its elected members given in writing at least seven days in advance of the meeting to which such notice relates.  (c) The quorum for meetings of the Committee shall be five elected members. It shall be three members in the case of sub-committees.  (d) (i) The powers and duties of the Committee shall include:  – the admission or refusal of applicants for membership,  – the making of standing orders which shall be binding on itself and on all sub-committees provided they are not inconsistent with these rules,  – the filling of casual vacancies.  (ii) The Committee shall have power to make appeals, solicit donations and canvas monies for carrying out the objects of the Society – provided that the Society shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds for such purposes.  (iii) The Committee shall, out of the funds of the Society, pay all proper expenses of administration and management of the Society. After the payment of the administration and management expenses and the setting aside to reserve of such sums as may be deemed expedient, the remaining funds of the Society shall be applied by the Committee in furtherance of the purposes of the Society.  (iv) All monies at any time belonging to the Society and not required for immediate application for its purposes shall be invested by the Committee in or upon such investments, securities or property as it may think fit subject nevertheless to such authority, approval or consent (whether by the Charity Commissioners or the Secretary of State for Education and Science) as may for the time being be required by law or by the special trusts affecting any property in the hands of the Committee  (v) The Committee may borrow for the objects of the Society such monies at such rate of interest and in such a manner as it may think fit.  (vi) It shall be the duty of every officer or member of the Committee or sub-committee who is any way directly or indirectly interested financially or professionally in any item discussed at any meeting at which he or she is present to declare such interest, and he/she shall not discuss such item or vote thereon.  (e) The Committee’s delegation of powers to sub-committees shall not include those referred to In the preceding clause 5(d) of these rules.

6. General meetings

(a) An annual general meeting shall be held in each calendar year for the purpose of electing officers and members of the Committee and of receiving the annual report and financial statement for the previous year, and of transacting any business placed upon the agenda by the Committee.  (b) General meetings shall be held on such dates as fixed by the Committee but further general meetings shall be called upon the written request of not legs than 20 members of the Society, which request shall state the object of the proposed meeting.  (c) The Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman, shall preside at all general meetings. In the absence of them both the meeting shall appoint a chairman to preside. 20 members shall form a quorum.  (d) In the case of an equality of votes the chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to a further or casting vote in addition to the vote to which he may be entitled as a member.  (e) Not less than 14 days’ notice shall be given of all general meetings.  (f) At each annual general meeting the members  (i) may elect a President and a Vice-President to serve for the ensuing year but the President shall not serve for more than five consecutive terms of office, and  (ii) shall appoint an auditor to examine and report upon the financial statement for the year then next ensuing.


This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of members present at an annual general meeting or special general meeting of the Society, provided that 14 days’ notice of the proposed amendment has been given to all members, and provided that nothing herein contained shall authorise any amendment the effect of which would be to cause the Society at anytime to cease to be a charity in law.

8. Notices

(a) Any formal notice by members of the Society shall be addressed to the Secretary.  (b) Any notice required to be given by these rules shall be deemed to be duly given if left at or sent by prepaid post addressed to the address of that member last notified to the Secretary.  (c) The accidental omission to give notice to, or the non-receipt of such notice by, any individual entitled to receive the same shall not invalidate any resolution passed at any meeting.

9. Winding up

The Society maybe dissolved by a two-thirds majority of members voting at an annual general meeting or special general meeting of the Society confirmed by a simple majority of members voting at a further special general meeting held not less than 14 days after the previous meeting. If a motion for the dissolution of the Society is to be proposed at an annual general meeting or a special general meeting this motion shall be referred to specifically when notice of the meeting is given. In the event of the dissolution of the Society its available funds shall be transferred to such one or more charitable institutions having objects similar or reasonably similar to those herein before declared as shall be chosen by the Committee and approved by the meeting of the Society at which the decision to dissolve the Society is confirmed. On dissolution the minute books and other records of the Society shall be deposited with the Civic Trust,

The original constitution was approved at an inaugural general meeting on 29 March 1978.

This document incorporates amendments approved at a special general meeting on 29 May 1980.