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Climate Matters

One of the stated aims of the Radlett Society and Green Belt Association (RSGBA) is ‘to improve, protect and preserve for the benefit of the public the countryside and the country around the village of Radlett, the village of Radlett and the green belt around Radlett.’ The purpose of this page is to track and where appropriate, promote any green initiatives that contribute to the reduction and impact of climate change in Radlett and the wider area of Hertsmere.

 ‘Proposal for a solar farm near Hilfield Reservoir

Please see the following paper about the proposed development of a Solar energy farm near Hilfield Reservoir and Elstree Aerodrome, followed by a pdf with the current response from the committee of the Radlett Society and Green Belt Association.

Hilfield Local Resident Brochure

RSGBA Response to the Proposal by Enso Energy for a Solar Farm

Hertsmere’s Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy
The first three links below contain the documents published by Hertsmere Council in mid 2020 and contain the borough’s plans for tackling the climate emergency. The forth link contains a letter sent from the RSGBA to Councillor Morris Bright, in response to Hertsmere’s strategy.