AGM 2014

The Society’s 2014 Annual General Meeting was held at 8pm, on Wednesday 19th November 2014 at Vision Hall, Christ Church, Watling Street, Radlett.

AGM Agenda

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of 37th AGM on 6/11/2013
3. Treasurer’s report y/e 30/06/2014
4. Annual report and discussion
5. Election of Officers and Committee*
6. Appointment of auditor
7. Resolutions
8. Any other business [please notify Chairman in advance]

*NOMINATIONS are invited for Officers and members of the Committee, which shall be made in writing, signed by the proposer and seconder, and bear the consenting signature of the nominee and shall be received not less than 24 hrs before the time fixed for the meeting.

The AGM was followed by our Guest Speaker, Bob Redman – from Elstree Screen Heritage


Bob described 100 years of local film-making in Elstree & Borehamwood. He also refered to Aldenham’s own connection as a key location for many films and TV productions. Of course, being a resident of Hertsmere means that you own a share of Elstree Studios as well.

This wasn’t just an exercise in nostalgia, since Elstree Studios are busier than they have been for many years, largely as a result of increased BBC activity and Bob brought the story up-to-date and speculated a bit about the future.

Bob touched on how Elstree Screen Heritage was formed and the work it has done to protect and promote the home of British film and television.

Elstree Screen Heritage has learned a lot over the past nine years: how to fight campaigns, raise profiles and form effective working relationships with other groups, government and commercial.

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