Radlett Neighbourhood Plan

Radlett Neighbourhood Plan


Since 2015, the Society has been assisting the Parish Council with researching and drafting what is hoped will become its first Neighbourhood Plan. This Plan will shape the future of Radlett by taking more control of day -to-day planning and giving guidance of what is appropriate development through the use of ‘planning briefs’.

APC [Aldenham Parish Council] has experienced some unfortunate delays due to two of its planning advisors unexpectedly quitting within 9 months due to unforeseen circumstances outside its control. We are now back on track with the third planning expert!

Members of the RSGBA Committee have attended meetings of working parties—Housing & Development, Green Belt, Roads, Transport & Parking and Civic Amenities. On the housing group, Graham Taylor has been working closely with Viv Charratt, Chair of APC’s Planning Committee. New policies have been drafted which, if the Plan is adopted, will guide Hertsmere’s Planning Committee and Officers in making planning decisions.

There is some way to go yet, as the Draft Plan will require 6 weeks’ consultation by Hertsmere, examination by a Planning Inspector [2-3 months], a local referendum [requiring a straight majority of those voting]. On clearing all these hurdles, the Plan will become ‘law’ in Hertsmere.

Other Parishes nearby are also preparing their Plans, St.Stephens, and soon, Shenley.

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