Trees, Hedges and Shrubs

Trees, Hedges and Shrubs

We experienced changing weather patterns in 2018 with early extreme cold, a late spring followed by a long dry spell.  We have now been exposed to other changes this year, with early warm spells then something of a long drought June/July, with record temperatures, though as I write this it seems that the monsoons have arrived.

Many trees are struggling from last year and we can see trees turning brown even along Watling St and in other roads from early this year.

In the Cobden Hill /Loom Lane Conservation Area we are experiencing greater movement of Honey Fungus, noticeable in privet hedges. (Visit a website such as to learn more.) These hedges were planted over 100 years ago, as divisions between houses, on both sides of the narrow part of the lane. However, other species thrive, including hawthorn, beech, hornbeam, laurel and holly.

If you see trees that edge public highways or in the verges that are in need of attention, then please call Hertfordshire County Council 0300 123 4047. Also you can contact Hertsmere’s tree service: see–Building-Control/Building–Tree-Conservation/Building–Tree-Conservation.aspx for other related issues.

Dwellers are responsible for trees in their gardens. To check whether these trees have Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) – please call The Tree Officer Mark Pigden, Hertsmere Borough Council via 0208 207 2277 for advice.Details can also be found on the council’s website, though these are often not fully accurate and up to date.

All householders have a responsibility to maintain their hedges and shrubs, so that they do not obstruct pavements and footpaths, throughout the Parish.

We have printed out polite new cards for the Committee and members to place on parked cars, to alert them to helping us maintaining the appearance of the road by NOT parking on the grass verges. We want to keep Radlett attractive. Please ask for some if you want to join in via our website.

Trees, gardens, woodlands and our open spaces are good for our health.

The society strives to retain the character of the Parish of Aldenham for all to   enjoy.

Rosamund Gray

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