Philip Eastburn and the Radlett Archives

The Society was greatly saddened to learn of the sudden death of Philip Eastburn on 31st August 2015.

His knowledge of the area was extensive and his links with the Society stretch back many years. He as always happy to help with the many enquiries that we received about Radlett, many from overseas.

Philip has bequeathed his entire history archive to the Society, including maps, pictures & recordings.

This irreplaceable collection, we consider, needs to be catalogued and safely housed with a view to establishing a permanent place for its study and access for future generations, including on the internet.

1-9-2016: Since Philip’s death, a group of interested local people, under the leadership of Stuart Nagler, has performed an initial sort and catalogue of Philip’s archives. Much of these materials are accommodated at Radlett Library, in the cupboards allocated to RSGBA, where it may be accessed by the public [under supervision]. The remaining papers, pictures, notes and documents have been safely stored at Edge Grove school, with the kind permission of the Headmaster, Ben Evans.

In parallel with this activity, there has been a revival of interest in local history, and meetings have been held with the aim of finding a base for storing all the archives and giving greater access to Philip’s wide historical interests and documents. Also there has been the re-formation of the Local History Study Group, of the Radlett & District U3A, previously led by Philip:

The identity of a permanent storage location for Local History has long been the key objective. It is salutary to note that others and Philip Eastburn himself were engaged from the 1980s onwards in the hunt for a permanent base for Radlett local history archives. Our recent enquiries have been made at Radlett Library, Aldenham Parish Council and Christchurch and one or two redundant premises have been considered; so far nothing has been found to meet the requirements. In this elusive location, a start could be made in the more detailed cataloguing and in providing better access to the public. There remains the possibility of public amenity space at the former Radlett fire station site in Watling Street. Any other ideas, suggestions and offers of help would be gratefully received – please use the initial contact form on the home page, it’s the best way of getting in touch with Committee Members of the Society