Radlett Neighbourhood Plan

Radlett Neighbourhood Plan

Since 2015, the Society has been assisting the Parish Council with researching and drafting what is hoped will become its first Neighbourhood Plan. This Plan will shape the future of Radlett by taking more control of day -to-day planning and giving guidance of what is appropriate development through the use of ‘planning briefs’.

The details of the proposed plan can be found here – https://www.hertsmere.gov.uk/Planning–Building-Control/Planning-Policy/Radlett-Neighbourhood-Plan

There will be a public Hearing to discuss the the plan on Wednesday 16th October  – details are below – and the meeting notice can be seen here – Radlett NP Public Notice 2

The details of the Public Hearing are as follows:

Venue: The Radlett Centre (Douglas Hicks Room), Aldenham Avenue, Radlett, WD7 8HL
Date: Wednesday 16th October 2019
Commencement: 1000 hours (It is anticipated that the Public Hearing will close prior to 1500 hours)

The Public Hearing is being held at the discretion of the Independent Examiner. The public are invited to attend and such attendance is greatly welcomed. However, participation in discussions will be restricted to invited representatives from Aldenham Parish Council and Hertsmere Borough Council.


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