Elstree Aerodrome

Elstree Aerodrome – Michael Stearns

As we come into spring there are likely to be more aircraft movements around Radlett. Fortunately, the vast  majority of aircraft follow the local air traffic rules. However, do remember that  not all the aircraft that you see are from or going to Elstree. Fixed wing aircraft (i.e. not helicopters!) should not cruise at less than 1000 feet above the highest fixed obstacle within 600 meters horizontally from the aircraft.

Clearly, this does not apply to aircraft landing and taking off!

You can view the map of the circuit pattern on the Elstree Aerodrome web site (https://www.londonelstree.com ).

The circuit pattern changes at 1pm every day so that in the morning for example, the pattern south of the runway is used, and in the afternoon, the circuit north of the runway, or vice versa. This means that, especially in fair weather, aircraft noise will be, in the main, limited to morning or afternoon and at least not the whole day. Aircraft should keep to the circuit but inevitably some will stray particularly if it is piloted by a trainee.

If you believe that an aircraft has strayed significantly from the circuit you can complain to the aerodrome management either by email ([email protected] ) or a ’phone message on 0208 593 7480 ( press option 4 ) .  You will need to give a description of the aircraft (colour, high wing or not, single or twin engine and the registration details (usually something like G ABCD) and the direction of travel – North South East or West of Radlett. Training aircraft out of Elstree have trackers and if a pilot habitually strays from the circuit he may be sanctioned by the aircraft management.

I know that aircraft noise is annoying and frustrating but please do not be abusive to the air traffic controllers at Elstree. They have a job to do, not only to keep pilots safe, but also us Radlett residents. Nobody wants an aircraft crashing into their house!!

Further information about the aerodrome can be obtained from – http://www.egtr.net/

For information about the flight paths for Elstree Aerodrome please see EACC-Guide-v3-11-Feb-18