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Urgent information: Protest about changes to Aldenham Reservoir – this Sunday 19th July

Schedule · Sunday, 19 July 2020
Hug the Reservoir


Sunday from 15:45-17:15
11–20°C Mostly Cloudy
Fisheries Car Park, Elstree, WD6 3BE

Public Hosted by

Save Aldenham Reservoir and Elstree & Borehamwood Residents Association
Why are we having a Procession?
Since arriving 5 years ago, the owners of Aldenham Reservoir , Liberty Lake Leisure Ltd have been perceived to have held the reservoir as ‘hostage’ and to ‘blackmail’ the community into supporting their unsuitable planning applications. During these five years, they have made constant threats to fence off their land and drain the reservoir if they didn’t get their own way. Now not only have they carried out these threats, giving a few spurious reasons, but they have also literally sawn up the children’s wooden play area, leaving just wooden stumps, with no explanation. We can no longer access half the woodland area which they have blocked off. They have also cut down many trees ahead of their potentially ruinous ‘Podland’ planning application. Our Reservoir is a shadow of its former self and the Sailing Club has been forced to shut down.
Departure and Procession Route:
Assemble at ‘The Fisheries’ car park at 3.45pm, depart at 4pm. Please bring your own facemasks and social distancing must be observed Stewards will be on hand to offer assistance.
Children and dogs are welcome, but please keep dogs on their lead.
The Plan and Theme of the event:
Please wear black clothing, as if we were in ‘mourning’ at the loss of our beloved reservoir, and bring a bright flower to carry. We will walk around the reservoir from The Fisheries entrance, pass by the Sailing Club and say farewell to it and all its members who have now gone elsewhere. Then on the dam wall, we will stop in a long line and give the reservoir a ‘hug’. We will then proceed to the Country Park car park where we will place our flowers.

Local and national media and an overhead camera may be present on the day.