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Re-development of Newberries Car Park

Preliminary consultations are taking place in Radlett about the proposals for the re-development of Newberries Car Park. Since the scheme became more widely known at the beginning of 2016, opinions have ranged from ‘Why do we even need a Hotel?!’ to ‘traffic will be a nightmare!’ and ‘why weren’t we told about this!’

Whatever your views are now, there are some big questions raised by the proposals. Following the somewhat disappointing failure of Hertsmere to talk to Radlett residents before lining-up the commercial interests, the scheme seems very well advanced in its layout before anyone has had a chance to comment.

The Society, therefore, will be busy discussing the scheme at its next Committee meeting and will give its views at the AGM. Among the many issues we wish to be addressed are:

  • Traffic—Potential increases—what strategies are in place to cope?
  • Parking—extra demand—more shoppers drawn in—season ticket commuters?
  • Access & Safety—more pedestrian crossings in Watling St, Theobald St?
  • Public Realm—Loss of Trees—Protection of Tykeswater and the Glade?

…give us your views at:-