The Society is actively supporting Alden-ham Parish Council in shaping the Neighbourhood Plan. Three of the Society’s Committee Members have been co-opted on to the various working groups. These are Housing & Development, Green belt, Transport & Highways, and Amenities. The goal is to produce a set of local policies for Radlett that meet local needs for the future. For example, policies will require applicants and developers to take more account of local housing character. And the Plan will include policies giving us more say over the way our highways serve the community.

Our green belt that surrounds the village needs to be robustly defended and local amenities better shaped for the plan period up to 2030. There’s still much research to be done and analysis of the results. You may have taken part in one of the RNP surveys. When the plan will put to all residents in a local referendum. The policies voted for will then be ‘law’ and need to be taken into account when, for in-stance, Hertsmere consider future planning applications.

The details of the proposed plan can be found here – https://www.hertsmere.gov.uk/Planning–Building-Control/Planning-Policy/Radlett-Neighbourhood-Plan.aspx and on the plans dedicated website here https://www.radlettplan.org/

The referendum on the plan was due to take place on the 7th May 2020 at the same time as the local elections.  As due to Covid-19 the local elections have now been delayed to 6th May 2021 (subject to legislative approval) the referendum has also been delayed.  It is not clear yet if there will be a vote on this before the next local elections or if it will need to wait to then.  If we get any updates we will inform you here.

Graham Taylor