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Calling all Walkers !

The attached map shows the footpaths south of Radlett. Those in purple are public footpaths, those in green are public bridleways. Within the yellow circle there is an informal footpath – the dotted line linking footpaths A31 and A32. This is used by many residents for a circular walk around Radlett via Aldenham school playing fields to (or from) Battlers Green farm. 

We want to hear from people who have walked these footpaths and used this informal link. That will enable us to apply to Hertfordshire County Council for the footpath to become a properly adopted public footpath. 

If you have used this footpath – frequently or infrequently, recently or in previous years – please let us know. Allan Cole is kindly collating evidence to enable us to make a submission. Please contact him [email protected] if you can help in any way.

The application to build 195 new homes adjacent to Newberries School .

The initial application by the developer, Fairfax, to build 195 new homes on farm land in the Green Belt, between Shenley Road and Theobald Street in Radlett, adjacent to Newberries School, was rejected. However, the developer has submitted an appeal, but the RSGBA understands that the Aldenham Parish Council (APC) intend to fight it.


Although the planning application was rejected, the developers have appealed and a final decision is expected from the Secretary of State, Michael Gove, on this matter. However, the timeframe for the announcement of any decision is not yet known.


The aims and objects of the Radlett Society and Green Belt Association are:

(a)     to improve, protect and preserve for the benefit of the public the countryside and the country around the village of Radlett, the village of Radlett and the green belt around Radlett

(b)    to stimulate public interest in the area of benefit

(c)     to promote high standards of planning and architecture in the area of benefit

(d)     to secure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public Interest in the area of benefit.

RSGBA 2023 newsletter

The 2023 RSGBA Newsletter is available here – RSGBA Newsletter 2023

Radlett Neighbourhood Plan (see ) Approved

The Radlett Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the Radlett Residents in the Referendum on 6th May 2021.  There were 2,842 votes cast of which 2,127 were ‘Yes’ votes.  For further details please see the press release here.

This now means that Hertsmere BC must refer to the Plan and the criteria therein when considering planning applications and other developments.  The Plan is also a key reference point for us – and residents generally – in considering how to respond to proposals.

Radlett and District Museum

Please see the Museum page on this website here for further information or go directly to their own website here.

Hertsmere Local Plan – SHELVED

Hertsmere published their draft Local Plan in October – see This makes significant proposals for development in all of Hertsmere and especially in Radlett and surrounding villages.
On Wednesday 26th January the council SHELEVED the plan with the statement “A recent public engagement undertaken by the council on the draft local plan during the COVID pandemic saw a staggering 20,000 responses. Cllr Bright said: “Our residents have clearly rejected the draft local plan. Now the Council must reject it too.”  For further details please see Council Leader declares draft local plan to be shelved

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  1. I was wondering if RSGBA is actively opposing the development of land behind Newberries school in Radlett.
    The plan by Fairfax is to built 200 dwellings.
    I wish to oppose it and thought I might add my comments to an already existing organised action group, but I am not aware of any.
    There’s strength in numbers.

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